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Lab Details

Lab Technical Difficulty Level: N/A


Early Bird: USD 999.00 (Use Code: SS2023CLEB. Ends 30th June, 2359H)
Normal: USD 1,199.00

Course Abstract

Bluetooth Low Energy hardware-less HackMe is a free tool that aims to help getting familiar with the very basics of ubiquitous BLE technology and its (in)security – without the need of any dedicated hardware, nor sophisticated prior knowledge. It is based on a specially designed software (running on a typical Windows 10 laptop) – which simulates various BLE devices, on the radio layer working exactly the same as real ones. Hands-on challenges of increasing level – starting with simple introduction up to unlocking smart locks – allow for practical experience, the best possible way to learn.

All of these challenges can be solved using nothing more than just a free Android mobile application, which connects via Bluetooth to the laptop running simulated devices. This unique approach makes the fun available for everyone who would like to start the journey into fascinating vulnerabilities of BLE devices, but afraid of gearing up with special hardware or steep learning curve for advanced tools. In a series of tasks to solve you will get familiar with BLE advertisements, beacons, connections, take control over BLE smart bulb, reverse-engineer the communication protocol, brute force passwords, and hack real smart lock. The techniques learned by solving these tasks can later be easily applied to take control of surprisingly lots of real devices surrounding us, and are a solid foundation for further mastering the topic.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to BLE, HackMe lab setup
  • BLE advertisements
    • Packet format, beacons, other advertisements
    • Windows, iOS devices BLE broadcast
    • COVID-19 contact tracing
  • BLE connections
    • GATT services and characteristics 
    • Hacking simple devices using just a phone
    • Hacking smart locks
  • What next?

Trainer Profile

Slawomir Jasek

Speaker, trainer and IT security consultant with 20 years of experience. MSc in automatics & robotics, developed secure embedded systems certified to use by national agencies. As a pentester participated in dozens of assessments of systems’ and applications’ security for leading financial companies, public institutions and cutting edge startups. Currently focuses on security research of various new technologies (especially Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC/RFID) and provides training in regards to security of devices – based among others on contemporary electronic access control systems and smart locks. Besides training and research, he also provides security assessments and consultation on secure design for various software and hardware projects – preferably starting from design ideas. 

Despite having long lost count of the number of BLE devices he owns, he still impulsively acquires more and more and enjoys reversing and breaking them. 

Slawomir loves sharing his knowledge via trainings, workshops, talks and open source hackme’s ( – at BlackHat, HackInTheBox,, HackInParis, Deepsec, Appsec EU, BruCon, Confidence, and many others, including private on-demand sessions.

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